Hackers vs Crackers

3 years ago by Savita Dadhwal • 2 Min read

It is commonly assumed and accepted that hackers help to build security whereas crackers aim to break security. There is a major difference between how the two work although they both engage in hacking of some sort. Hackers usually have an advanced level of knowledge regarding computer security and possess all the technical knowledge required. Hackers aim to counter-attack threats posed by crackers to computer systems and across networks.

On the other hand, crackers are well aware that their activities are illegal and try to cover their tracks. Even though crackers may be highly skilled in breaching systems, professional hackers can restore the security of the breached system and catch the cracker with their skills and competency. Crackers possess highly advanced and technical knowledge and can create software and tools that are powerful enough to damage and exploit systems after analyzing the system’s weak areas. Most of the time, crackers do not leave their mark behind.

It is well established that hackers are ethical professionals whereas crackers hack into systems illegally and without consent. Apart from this major difference, another difference is with regard to their understanding of computer systems and security systems. Hackers can write codes in many languages and possess in-depth knowledge of computer languages like C, C++, HTML, and Java. They also understand how these languages work and what these codes do. On the other hand, crackers do not have an upper hand here. They do not possess much knowledge about computer programming. Their work and the intent make the two groups poles apart from each other.

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