Android Application Penetration Testing
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Android Application Penetration Testing

APT English/Hindi

  • About this Course

    Android Application Penetration Testing is a process by which application software developed for handheld mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability and consistency. Android Applications Penetration can be an automated or manual type of testing.

  • Android Penetration Testing

    1. Introduction to Penetration Testing

    2. Android Architecture

    3.Setting up a testing environment

    4. Android Build Process

    5. Reversing APKs

    6. Device and Data Security

    7.Common mobile attacks

    -Weak Server Side Controls

    -Insecure Data Storage

    -Insufficient Transport Layer Protection

    -Unintended Data Leakage

    -Poor Authorization and Authentication

    -Broken Cryptography

    -Client-Side Injection

    -Security Decisions via Untrusted Inputs

    -Improper Session Handling

    -Lack of Binary Protection

    8. Automated security assessments

    10. API Hooking

    11. Android Forensics

    12. Writing the Pentest Report

  • · Basic knowledge of programming fundamentals.

    · Basic knowledge of programming languages such as Java

    · A desire to learn.

  • · You will understand the different types of vulnerabilities

    · OWASP Top Ten Mobile and Web most common vulnerabilities.

    · Practice on real world mobile applications

    · Build your own home lab on mobile application security

    · By the end of the course , You will learn Mobile applications reverse engineering

  • Course Content , Tools and Completion Certificate

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