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Ethical Hacker Foundation

foundation course English/Hindi

  • About this Course

    This Course is specially designed for Beginners who are looking or to getting started their career in the Cyber Security field.

    During this course you will learn basics which are essential (skills requirement) to pursue your career in this field.

  • Getting Start with Cyber Security

    Part 1 : Linux

    1. Introduction to Linux

    2. Managing files from the command line

    3. Text Manipulation

    4. Adding and Removing software

    5. Managing Local users and Groups

    6. Controlling directory and File Permissions

    7. Compressing and Achieving

    8. Transferring Files

    9. Configuring and Securing SSH

    10. Becoming Secure and Anonymous

    Part 2: Networking

    1. What is Network and Types of network

    2. Transmission Media

    3. Networking Devices

    4. OSI layer

    5. TCP/IP protocols

    6. IP address

    7. Port and Protocols

    8. Wireless Network

    Part 3: Getting Start with Ethical Hacking

    1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking

    2. Information gathering

    3. Social Engineering

    4. Stenography

    5. Overview of Information Technology Act – 2000

  • No specific, Yes, should have desire to LEARN!!!!

  • You will learn basics which are essential (skills set requirement) to pursue your career in this Cyber Security Field.

  • Course Completion Certificate and Course Documents (PDF)

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