Learn Scratch Programming
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Learn Scratch Programming

LSP English/Hindi

  • About this Course

    In this course ,Child can develop,

    • Analytical Skill
    • Logical buildup thinking
    • Self Confidence buildup

    This is the first step toward to learn coding

  • PART - A : Basics of Coding

    1 Getting Start With Scratch

    1.1 Introduction

    1.2 What is Scratch 2.0?

    1.3 Create an account online

    1.4 Basic Lingo

    1.5 Welcome to the community!

    2 Scratch Fundamentals

    2.1 Tour the Project Editor

    2.2 Working with Blocks

    2.3 Moving and Turning

    2.4 The Control Blocks

    2.5 The Events Blocks

    2.6 Naming and Saving a Project

    PART - B : Create Animation

    1 Sprites and the Stage

    1.1 Working with Sprites

    1.2 About Costumes

    1.3 The Paint Editor

    1.4 The Stage and the Backdrops

    2 Sights and Sounds

    2.1 The Looks Blocks

    2.2 Sounds and Sound Effects

    2.3 The Pen Tool

    3 Sensing the Environment

    3.1 Ask the User a Question

    3.2 Communicating between Sprites

    3.3 The Sensing Blocks

    3.4 Variables and Operators

  • This Course is for beginners

    • By the end of this course, you will be able to confidently help your child or students to create animations
    • Learn about each category of Scratch blocks and how they are used to create animations


  • Course material and Completion Certificate

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