Web Application Penetration Testing
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Web Application Penetration Testing

WAPT English/Hindi

  • About this Course

    Web Application Penetration Testing could be a method within which we tend to use penetration testing and security skills to seek out different vulnerabilities in internet applications. It plays a crucial role in each fashionable organization. But, if your organization doesn’t properly check and secure its internet apps, adversaries will compromise these applications, injury business practicality, and steal knowledge. The internet application penetration testing key outcome is to spot security weakness across the complete web application and its parts (source code, database, back-end network). It additionally helps in prioritizing the known vulnerabilities and threats, and potential ways in which to mitigate them.

    1. Introduction to Pentesting
    2. Information gathering
    3. Mastering Burp Suite
    4. Firefox Addons
    5. Web Shells
    6. HTTP basics and HTTP authentication
    7. Web Application Session Management
    8. HTML Injection
    9. Command Injection
    10. File Upload
    11. Encoding methods
    12. XSS
    13. CSRF
    14. SQL Injection
    15. LFI
    16. RFI
    17. Open Redirect
    18. IDOR(Insecure Direct Object Reference )
    19. Automated Pentesting
  • Students have a basic working knowledge of the Linux command line

    • Manually discover key web application flaws
    • Create configurations and test payloads within other web attacks.Discover and exploit SQL Injection flaws to determine true risk to the victim organization.
    • Create configurations and test payloads within other web attacks.
    • Manually discover and exploit Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks
    • Analyze traffic between the client and the server application using tools such as the Zed Attack Proxy and Burp Suite to find security issues within the client-side application code.
  • Study material and Course Completion Certificate

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